Bonsai Tools: How They Will Ease Your Pain To Make It

Bonsai Tools: How They Will Ease Your Pain To Make It

Bonsai Tools: How They Will Ease Your Pain To Make It


Proper tools and equipment are necessary for a Bonsai. So, if you are a beginner you should start with some basic Bonsai tools. But, with the passage of time, you can opt for special tools.

Quality Of Bonsai Tools

Most tools are made of black steel. Hence, they need higher maintenance. As quality increases, they get more expensive. Japanese tools serve high-quality and are available at high prices. Chinese tools are better in quality and are available at lower prices. Take proper care of tools. Further, use them with purpose. Proper maintenance will make them last longer, for instance.

Bonsai Tools: How They Will Ease Your Pain To Make It
Bonsai Tools: How They Will Ease Your Pain To Make It

20 Mostly Used Bonsai Tools:

  1. Wire
  2. Bonsai turntable
  3. Leafcutter
  4. Shears
  5. Concave cutter
  6. Trunk benders
  7. Wirecutter
  8. Rake
  9. Root hook
  10. Jin tool
  11. Coco brush
  12. Copper brush
  13. Watering caN
  14. Tweezer spatula
  15. Pruning saw
  16. Sickle knife
  17. Root plier
  18. Set of soil scoops
  19. Wire bending plier
  20. Grafting knife

Different Purposes Of Different Bonsai Tools

Specific tools are made to fulfill different purposes. We will discuss them further:

Saws And Knives

Too thick or hard branches or trunks should be cut with saws. After cutting, you can use grafting knives, for smoothening the cuts and wounds.


For wiring, you will obviously require a wire. Moreover, a wire cutter, as well as a plier, would be required. Tools are available in different sizes and shapes. The wires are mostly made of copper. But, for beginners wire made of aluminum would be a better option, for instance. As it is easier to apply.


While bending the heavy or hard branches or trunks, be careful and also follow the protective measures. You can also use a bicycle tube tightly to the part to be bent before wiring.

You should use tools like massive steel levers padded with rubber, for heavy bending some screw clamps can be useful too. There are iron rebars, that are used for bending strong trunks, wooden wedges as a counterpart and guy wires for fixation.


Sickle knives and sickle saws are used to cut inside the pot. And for mixing the soil, you can use plastic bowls. Shears are used for root pruning. Root plier or saw helps in pruning strong and hard roots.

For filling the soil in the Bonsai pots, you can use scoops. Scoops are available in different sizes. Bamboo sticks are useful for pushing the soil into the roots of the Bonsai. Be careful while doing this. Do not damage the roots. A tweezer spatula will be helpful for removing weeds.

Bonsai Tools: How They Will Ease Your Pain To Make It
Bonsai Tools: How They Will Ease Your Pain To Make It

Tools And Knives

The deadwood should look natural. Moreover, no traces of human interference should be visible. Therefore, for such perfection, there are many tools available.

A blunt chisel helps in lifting wood fibers. For splitting of dead branches, a branch splitter would be best. Certainly, Jin plier is useful in pulling the wood fibers.

Various knives are used for peeling off bark. For shaping, contouring and smoothening of the deadwood, several carving tools are used. These carving tools are available in different shapes, sizes, and qualities.

Liquid plastics diluted in acetone helps in protecting decayed deadwood.


Bonsai tools will make your work easy and also save time as well as money. Make sure to handle them with care. Do not harm yourself.

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