Bonsai Tools - Learn About Important Tools Every Bonsai Tree Lover Must Have -

Bonsai Tools – Learn About Important Tools Every Bonsai Tree Lover Must Have

bonsai tree tools

Bonsai tree tools include, starter kits, bonsai fertilizer, trimmers, wire and pruning shears. There is a variety of starter kits available that come in different shapes, sizes and colors to satisfy your Bonsai plant needs. Each kit may contain a different number of Bonsai tools, which are essential to fit your particular plant type. Here is a list of the tools you can find in most starter kits.

– Steel Toe Nail:

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This is the most basic of the Bonsai tree tools. It is a steel nail with a metal head that is specifically designed for Bonsai gardening. These nails are used for clipping branches and trimming back branches at the tips. The top edge should be slightly rounded to avoid damaging your Bonsai plant. The best quality steel toed nails do not rust or corrode, are long lasting and easy to maintain.

– Steel Wire cutter:

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The steel toe wire cutter is a versatile bonsai tool kit. It is especially useful for trimming back small growths and shaping branches at the tips. This is an essential tool in any Bonsai gardening arsenal. It is made of lightweight, corrosion-resistant stainless steel that will not harm your Bonsai plant. The best quality wire cutters come with an adjustable length of wire for the sharpening of the cutting edge.

– Japanese Wrench:

The wrenches of this Bonsai tree tools set are of the heavy duty variety. They are made of solid brass with the stainless steel frame. The handles of these knives are long lasting and come with an adjustable grip. The knurling on these scissors is finer than most of the other Bonsai tools. The blades of these scissors are made of premium grade Japanese stainless steel to give you quality results every time.

– Sharp Scissors:

These sharpening scissors can be used for all trimming and shaping needs. They come in two types, convex and conical. The convex model has larger cutting surface area and is ideal for shallow and large curved shapes.

– Bonsai Brush Sets:

You may have to buy additional items from your local garden retailer or wholesale dealer. A complete Bonsai brush set is a combination of herb and fiber growing brush, liquid fertilizers, and soil making medium. The fiber brushes are designed for use with indoor Bonsai plant growth. You can use these brushes to gently clean and maintain your Bonsai plant as well as for styling and shaping.

– Bonsai Trimmers and Chisels:

Bonsai tools trimming shears and chisels are not included in any Bonsai kit. You will have to purchase these separately. These tools are used to cut through and trim thick branches and leaves. They help to make your bonsai tree appear more beautiful.

Quality Bonsai tools should be a must-have for your starter Bonsai tree. These are the only tools that will allow you to shape and train your Bonsai tree in a way that is comfortable for you and your growing Bonsai tree. These quality tools are not expensive to buy and are readily available at most garden retailers and wholesale dealers. Start early and begin shaping your perfect Bonsai tree.

The following are just three of the many types of Bonsai tools. I suggest that before you start cataloguing your own collection of Bonsai tools, you should know which tools you will need to care for and grow your trees. Each Bonsai tool can be used to aid in the proper shaping, training, and pruning of your Japanese maple bonsai. Here are just three of the most important Bonsai tools, which you will need to grow your Japanese maple tree.

Other Bonsai Tools

– Shiners or Knife Shears: Shiners or knife shears are the first two Bonsai tools that you will need to train, shape, and train your tree. Excellent for trimming branches and small pieces of wood that are difficult to reach such as tree leaves and tree bark. Popular for their ergonomic design that makes them easy to hold and use even by beginners. There are many different styles of stainless steel cutters that can be used for these tasks. Popular styles include the traditional Japanese black-handled shears and the more popular titanium shears.

– Bonsai Seed Knife: If you plan on propagating your Bonsai plants from seed then the Bonsai seed knives are a critical piece of equipment. Not only do Bonsai seed knives allow you to get a better hold of the seed before pruning it away, but they are ergonomically designed for ease of use. The traditional “Bonsai wood stylus” is what allows the seeds to be carried around in your hand, this stylus is an essential part of any Japanese grower. Popular manufacturers include the Tetsubin, Okumura, Hitachi, Jomashiki, Okidata, and Sanyo.

– Hand Forged Knob Cutters: A wonderful gift idea for any young child is a pair of hand forged Japanese chopsticks. If you wish to purchase a cheaper alternative then you can find a great pair of chopsticks at a local department store. If you’re looking for quality and a work of art then the best option for you is to purchase a pair of Japanese shear scissors. These scissors come in the traditional round shape with the metal shear teeth, but many now come in the concave shape for more precision cutting. Popular brands include theory, Hitachi, Jomashiki, Okumura, Tetsubin, and Okidata.

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