Bonsai Trees - Unique Beauty Is Enjoyed Year Round -

Bonsai Trees – Unique Beauty Is Enjoyed Year Round

A vase of flowers on a tree

The largest city in Georgia is Atlanta and the home of the Atlanta Braves. Atlanta is where professional baseball players call home for the majority of their career. Many have said that the atmosphere of Atlanta is just like having a small town nearby. As a result, bonsai trees here thrive. There are many unique bonsai trees that can be found all over Atlanta.

Georgia O’lantern Bonsai

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One of the most popular bonsai trees here is the Georgia O’Lantern Bonsai. This magnificent tree was handpicked by a local tree removal company and has been featured in national publications as a “landscape bonsai”. This specimen came from the Orchard Road Nursery and is now a part of the Atlanta Botanical Garden. It can be found in the exhibit “Bonsai Trees Atlanta: Atlanta’s Outdoor Art Gallery”. All types of bonsai trees can be found at this location including the majestic Georgia O’Lantern.

Another beautiful bonsai tree can be found at the Atlanta Botanical Garden called the Butterfly Bush Bonsai. This unique bonsai is only three inches tall, but it will grow quickly and have a beautiful shape. In addition to the butterfly bush bonsai, there are several other exotic plants that can be found at the Atlanta Botanical Garden.

 The Panda Bearberry

A vase of flowers on a tree

Some of the other exotic species include the Panda Bearberry, which is only two inches in height. Another beautiful specimen is the Purple Pansy Bonsai, which is only three inches in height. These trees are very easy to care for and require only regular watering. These trees do not require pruning. Another exotic plant that can be found at the Atlanta Botanical Garden is the Odontoglossum.

The exotic plants at the Atlanta Botanical Garden can be used in any number of bonsai styles. Many people love to use these trees for landscape purposes because they have a nice shape to them. However, the plants can be grown in your house as well because you do not need special soil or tools. You can grow most of the bonsai trees at home and they will do just as well.

Keep The Atlanta Tree Pruned

An important thing to remember when caring for an Atlanta tree is that they should be kept pruned so that their branches do not grow too wide. Also, they should not be allowed to grow too high. Because they are quite beautiful to look at, people often keep them indoors all year round. However, in the winter months you should move them outside if you live in a colder climate.

There are plenty of bonsai trees that you can find on the Internet and in specialty nurseries around the country. However, if you want something unique you should consider growing your own tree. You can grow most types of bonsai from seed or cuttings. It is a good idea to learn about the characteristics of the tree you want to grow before you begin.

Summing Up 

Growing your own bonsai tree will allow you to have a beautiful bonsai plant to trim and care for indoors all year round. Atlanta offers some of the best bonsai trees available. Even if you cannot visit the city, you can get an atlas that contains a lot of information about the different types of bonsai that exist. It is very likely that the atlases you find will contain instructions on how to care for your own tree. If you have an indoor bonsai, there is no reason why you should not keep it indoors, even in the winter. The beautiful tree you have nurtured inside your home will stay looking beautiful throughout the year.

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