Choosing A Right Home For Your Bonsai (Bonsai Pots) - Choosing A Right Home For Your Bonsai (Bonsai Pots) -

Choosing A Right Home For Your Bonsai (Bonsai Pots)

Bonsai Pots: A Complete Guide


A perfect pot with a beautiful tree can be an ace example of natural harmony. Therefore, there are different bonsai pots available for different bonsai plants.

The art of growing bonsai is substantially based on the tree which learns to thrive well in the pot itself.

Choosing A Right Home For Your Bonsai (Bonsai Pots)
Choosing A Right Home For Your Bonsai (Bonsai Pots)

The detachment from the ground and making a pot as its home is the key idea behind the bonsai art.

Normal pots can also serve bonsai growth if they are able to fulfill specific requirements. Drainage and wiring holes are a must to cater to the bonsai needs.

You can opt for pots made up of any kind of material, for example, concrete, ceramic or even plastics.

Avoiding metal pots can be a good idea as metallic pots may have the tendency to release toxins which can gradually destroy the plant.

However, porcelain or ceramic pots can be a prototype bonsai pot.

The reason behind preferring ceramic as the potting material is that it is crafted by burning stoneware. This makes it does not withstand water and neither absorbs so. This property of ceramic pots makes it perfect to keep your bonsai safeguarded.

Some Important Aspects

Indeed the bonsai art is a medley of perseverance dipped in patience. A flawless bonsai undergoes through the training gradually to adapt its roots in a way that it is capable of thriving in smaller pots. The pivotal thing to keep in mind before buying a bonsai pot is the dimension of the pot. You should always take care of the depth of the pots.

Ground Rules For- Choosing Bonsai Pots

It may be a difficult task for the newbies in bonsai art. So here are few tips to make your task an easy one.

You need to know the gender of your bonsai plant. In general, trees are an amalgamation of masculine and feminine both. But the question arises that which sex is predominant. This is the fundamental question which you need to answer before placing it in the pot.

If you find your bonsai as a curvy tree along with sparse branches and graciously smooth bark then you can be sure that it’s a feminine tree.

On the contrast, if you observe a thick trunk with an old bark and strengthening dense branches then these traits signify the masculinity of your bonsai plant.

Some More Rules For Selecting Bonsai Pots

A perfect size bonsai pot –The breadth of the trunk above the bonsai nebari can be a vital parameter to determine the height of your bonsai pot. In general, rectangle and oval-shaped pots are crafted to be about 2/3 of the bonsai height.

In the case of square and round-shaped pots, the tree height ratio is generally 1/3. In some cases, if the bonsai has flouring foliage then it is necessary to reduce the height of the bonsai plant and conversely augmenting the depth and width of the pot. One of the bonsai species which demands deeper pots is bonsai trident maple.

Choosing A Right Home For Your Bonsai (Bonsai Pots)
Choosing A Right Home For Your Bonsai (Bonsai Pots)

Conclusively the design of the bonsai pot plays a crucial role in harmonizing the bonsai growth. The design of the pots you choose as your bonsai home is largely based on the masculine or feminine nature of your bonsai. Both types of pots very different.

Wrapping Up

On the basis of the nature of your bonsai choose for an oval, round, rectangular, convex or concave bonsai pots to leverage a perfect décor and rhyme to your bonsai. Moreover when we talk about the color of the pots then earthy shades like brown and gray can prove to be a comparatively safer choice with a pinch of warmth and elegance.

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