Five Basic Gardening Tools And Equipment

garden tools and equipment

When it comes to landscaping products, it’s easy to go crazy. They might take up a lot of room and cost a lot of money, but keeping your shed or storage area focused on the necessities helps avoid it from being overcrowded. Plan out what exactly you need for your garden to avoid wastage of money and storage space. 

Some Basic Gardening Tool And Equipment

Here are five basic gardening tool and equipment to get you started on any gardening effort.

Wheel Barrow

A close up of a tree

If your yard has extra soil to move, compost, or tree cover that needs to be added to garden beds, a barrow can help you pull in hundreds of pounds. It helps in transporting heavy items from one corner to another. Two common handles, single wheel styles can be difficult to balance heavy or evenly distributed loads. Models with a single two-wheel drive are easy to balance, better than those with limited power or when pulling in an uneven position. Barrows with a single handle can be pushed or pulled with one hand. Keep it clean and dry to prevent rust. Also keep the tires well inflated to make it easier for the wheels to move.

Watering Wand

Give your plants a gentle rain shower with a waterproof stick. Extended access also helps to go to outdoor containers, hanging plants, or the back edges of borders. Irrigation cables come in a variety of lengths, ranging from 10 to 48 inches. Choose the right length for your needs – the length of the high hanging baskets, short for strong spaces. The closed valves inside the handle hold water and allow you to adjust the flow.


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Your garden type will determine which type of plow is right for you. A vegetable garden may need a sturdy, wide plow. If you have endless gardens, a soft touch and a small plow may be needed. Plows are useful for gardening and flower beds as well as for weeding. Look for a comfortable handle that can be accessed for a long time. The sharp blade works best and is easy to use. The plowshares, also called hula or stirrup hoes, have a square head that is open and pushed back and forth just below the ground to reduce surface growth. Flat plows are ready to turn the soil into rows in a vegetable garden.

Spade: The Most Basic Gardening Tool And Equipment

These square shovels with short handles are garden horses. They perform the simple task of digging holes, collecting, sowing, and moving small dunes from one place to another. This tool can be more on the expensive side, but a good spade will save you your entire farming life. Treading on a razor provides a firm and comfortable foot if you need extra push. The solid wood handles are strong and absorb shock and vibration. It is usually found in long or short handles. Long handles provide a lot of power, but they are very heavy. Stainless steel heads are strong and cannot rust.

Pruning Sheers

Handicrafts, also called secateurs, help to control uncontrolled and invasive plants. Anvil-style pruners cut with a sharp blade that meets a flat surface, like a knife on aboard. Bypass pruners are cut with a sharp blade that passes through a sharp flat surface, similar to a pair of scissors. Anvil pruners are best for dead wood and can cause damage to new, green stems and branches. Bypass pruners are best for live plants and greenwood. Pruners should fit snugly in the palm of your hand. Ratcheting pruners provide extra cutting power, suitable for anyone with reduced arm strength or arthritis. For clean cuts and minor damage to plants, pruners should be sharpened regularly.

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