How To Care For Bonsai Plants -

How To Care For Bonsai Plants

care of bonsai plants

When caring for bonsai plants, there are a few basic things you will need to know. The first thing is that your tree’s root system needs to be regularly weeded, and you will want to make sure this is done as often as possible. Weeding the plants will help keep diseases and other unsightly things from taking hold, as well as making sure your tree grows strong and healthy. Weeding can even be fun, as many people like to do this to keep pests away from their trees!

Bonsai Trees Requires Adequate Sunlight

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Another part of caring for bonsai trees involves the amount of light that they get each day. Some bonsai tree species can only get a small amount of sunlight, so if you don’t let them get direct sunlight, they will not grow very well. You should consider providing your plant with some sort of lighting, whether it is natural or artificial light. If your plant doesn’t get enough sunlight, it may not come up at all or may grow too large and die because it cannot absorb enough light. Too much light can also do damage to your plant.

Watering Your Bonsai Trees 

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You will also have to take care of the water in your plant. Watering your plants should be done weekly, with a little water being added during the week when no other larger water sources are available. Overwatering is bad for your tree, so do not overdo it. It is better to water your plant in the morning, around dusk, and again in the evening. Don’t worry if your plant doesn’t show any signs of drying out during these times; it is only a temporary phenomenon. You should check your watering container to see how much water it holds before re-filling it with water.

How To Feed Your Bonsai Trees?

When it comes to feeding your bonsai plants, remember that you will need to give your plants more water during the summer months. In addition to this, you will want to feed your plants with a fertilizer once per month during the summer months. When it is fall time, you should switch to giving your plant a liquid fertilizer every two weeks. For the springtime, don’t bother with fertilizing. Bonsai plants need fertilizer in the spring months because they grow faster than any other time of the year.

After clipping the roots, you should place the tree into a pot, but don’t put it into the water right away. Wait about 2 hours or so until the soil in the pot has fully moistened. Then, you can place the new pot on top of the older one and gently press down until the soil in the new pot is wholly saturated with moisture. Make sure that you don’t over-water the plant. It should be planted in a pot that is slightly larger than the size of the original one.

Pruning Is Very Necessary

Bonsai care involves pruning, too. You should do this in the late winter or early spring, before the first frost. You should always do this after the bonsai has received all of its sunlight during the day. If you don’t prune your tree, the leaves may not grow properly. You can trim the branches growing abnormally by manual clippers, but an electric clipper is much more convenient.

Final Thoughts

The most important part of caring for bonsai plants is watering. You should water your plants every two days during the hot summer months and every other day during the rainy season. If the soil is dry, you should water your plant every day during a sunny season and once a week during a rainy season. Make sure to give your plants enough water so that they can thrive both during the hot and rainy seasons.

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