In-House Plants That Can Survive In Low Light Conditions

in house plants

Who doesn’t love to have a garden in their house? In case you don’t have enough space or money to make a garden in your house, you can consider bringing some Indoor plants to your house. 

These plants can easily survive in low light and can add charm to your house. Let’s take a look at some of the best in-house plants.

Cast Iron Plant

A vase of flowers on a table

If you’re the kind of person who often forgets to water his plants or doesn’t like the headache of shifting plants here to keep them in proper sunlight, then add this one as a major part of your plant collection.

This plant got its name, “The Cast Iron Plant” because it can survive in conditions where most other plants would easily die. In fact, it dies out in direct sunlight and frequent watering.

Cast Iron Plant is easy to grow and requires little to no maintenance as it only needs to be watered once a month and you don’t have to worry about it not getting sunlight.


A vase of flowers on a table

Bromeliads can grow in the dark corners of your house and don’t require much sunlight. This plant is typically found in the southern parts of the Americas and it is found in a lot of different colors. 

You can keep this one out in the open for sunlight in summers but make sure that you don’t leave it out in the winter as it doesn’t like cold weather.

Bromeliad only flowers once in its entire lifetime and once the flower comes out at the top of the Bromeliad the main part of this plant dies out.

But as this plant starts to flower, you can find something called offsets or pups growing around the plant. You can plant these pups in other pots to get more Bromeliads.

Snake Friend

This plant’s shape looks like a snake and it’s a low maintenance plant that requires water only after its soil dries out and it doesn’t need direct sunlight. Just keep it in shades and it will do fine.

Snake plant has a lot of different varieties and it purifies the air. This plant starts to die out in direct sunlight and it has thick leaves that store water in them, so it doesn’t need regular watering.

This plant can be easily cleaned with a wet cloth and it’s easy to grow. You can plant a whole pup or a piece of snake plant in a pot and it will start growing on its own with little to no maintenance.


Low-maintenance indoor plants are a good option for decorating your house as they don’t need regular watering and sunlight to survive and grow. You can keep them on the floor or keep the small ones as hangings. Which one among the 3 above-mentioned plants is your personal favorite and why?

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