Bonsai Pot: Selecting A Suitable Pot For Your Tree

Selecting A Bonsai Pot That Suits Your Tree

Selecting A Bonsai Pot That Suits Your Tree

Firstly, you will need to examine the size of the pot or container which you will need. The accurate pot dimensions could be achieved using some elementary rules as said by the sizes of the tree itself. You will have to make sure that there are proper drainage holes and wiring all around so that the plant stays firm in the pot. They can be of different materials like concrete, plastics, ceramics and certain metals (metals sometimes release toxins), as well as one who can make their particular containers. Usually, a common bonsai pot is made of ceramics or porcelain. The material does not hold any amount of water. It is significantly healthy for the trees.

Size Of The Bonsai Pot

Above the nebari, the pot would be similar to the height of the trunk. The oval and four-sided ones are 2/3rd of the tree’s height.

Selecting A Bonsai Pot That Suits Your Tree
Selecting A Bonsai Pot That Suits Your Tree

The round or square ones are 1/3rd of the height of the tree – except foliage is remarkably large. Hence, the pot becomes wider. This is compensated through pull down the height of the pot. Trident maples (which has fast-growing roots) requisite, just as fruit as well as flowering trees profounder pots.

Shape Of The Bonsai Pot

The style of pot you select will need to be in harmony with the tree.
Your requisite to take a look at your tree as well as evaluate its characteristics. Try to choose whether your tree is masculine otherwise feminine. Many trees are a mixture of both although typically one is leading than the other. This is very particular; for some persons a tree might be masculine, for others, it might be feminine. Eventually, as the proprietor of the tree, it is for you to choose. It should be noted however that a firmly masculine tree would never look right in a very ladylike oval pot; in turn, a feminine tree would always look obstinate in a masculine pot.

Color Of The Bonsai Pot

Once you have chosen on the shape of the pot, following you need to consider the color plus texture. Every tree is exclusive, although it is possible to generalize about a precise species, each individual tree would have somewhat to pick up. But no two trees are precisely the same as well as there are continually small differences that could be brought out in the pot color as well as texture.

Selecting A Bonsai Pot That Suits Your Tree
Selecting A Bonsai Pot That Suits Your Tree


The main aim is to create harmony and peace. You can also observe how other people look after their pot and can learn from them too. There are demonstrations if you want you can visit them and can also read books for knowledge.

There is as such no perfect or just right bonsai pot for your tree. Actually multiple right pots are available in the market. It is just a matter of perception. Eventually, a mixture of personal tastes, awareness as well as experience creates the procedure much easier.

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